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About Us

Logilet was founded by a group of Cambridge alumni. Our proprietary technologies combined both digital microfluidics and real-time polymerase chain reaction (real-time PCR) together to produce a true point of care DNA detection platform. Logilets innovative platform will offer unique solutions to accelerate the availability of reliable and accurate advanced molecular diagnostics at the point of care.

poct qPCR

The digital  microfluidic qPCR is additionally equipped with fluorescence module based on the LAMP instrument. The platform integrates nucleic acid extraction, amplification and real-time fluorescence detection by the digital microfluidic technology, and realizes automatic reaction process and result reading of multiple liquid samples or multi-index detection with detection reagent.         Tel:0512-57596026          Add: Building 2, No. 1001 Yuyang Road, the High-tech District, Kunshan